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Vital Sign Sensor Based on Second Harmonic Frequency Drift of Oscillator
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 Title & Authors
Vital Sign Sensor Based on Second Harmonic Frequency Drift of Oscillator
Ku, Ki-Young; Hong, Yunseog; Lee, Hee-Jo; Yun, Gi-Ho; Yook, Jong-Gwan; Kim, Kang-Wook;
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In this paper, a vital sign sensor based on impedance variation of resonator is proposed to detect the respiration and heartbeat signals within near-field range as a function of the separation distance between resonator and subject. The sensor consists of an oscillator with a built-in planar type patch resonator, a diplexer for only pass the second harmonic frequency, amplifier, SAW filter, and RF detector. The cardiac activity of a subject such as respiration and heartbeat causes the variation of the oscillation frequency corresponding impedance variation of the resonator within near-field range. The combination of the second harmonic oscillation frequency deviation and the superior skirt frequency of the SAW filter enables the proposed sensor to extend twice detection range. The experimental results reveal that the proposed sensor placed 40 mm away from a subject can reliably detect respiration and heartbeat signals.
Near-Filed;Oscillator;Patch Type Resonator;Second Harmonic Frequency Deviation;Vital Sign Sensor;
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