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Miniaturized Frequency Selective Surface with a Scalability of Operating Frequency
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 Title & Authors
Miniaturized Frequency Selective Surface with a Scalability of Operating Frequency
Lee, In-Gon; Hong, Ic-Pyo;
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In this paper, a miniaturized frequency selective surface(FSS) for bandstop operation that provides stability for an angle of incidence and polarization is presented. The proposed miniaturized FSS has the unit cell of hexagonal structure with triangular loops and size of the unit cell is at 2.5 GHz operating frequency, which is very small compared to operating wavelength. In addition, unlike the conventional design, which requires complicated design parameters, the proposed FSS is easily expanded to the desired operating frequency for 2~8 GHz, by controlling the specific design parameters. To validate the simulation results, the FSS structures having different operating frequencies, 2.5 GHz, 5 GHz and 8.2 GHz were designed, fabricated and measured. The comparisons between the simulation and the measured results show good agreement. The proposed miniaturized FSS can provide better frequency stability for different incidence angles and polarizations.
Miniaturized Frequency Selective Surface;Angle Of Incidence;Polarization;Frequency Stability;
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