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Design of Three-Axis Force/Torque Sensor for Rehabilitation Robot
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 Title & Authors
Design of Three-Axis Force/Torque Sensor for Rehabilitation Robot
Jung, Jae-Hyun; Kim, Gab Soon;
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In this study, we described the design of a three-axis force/torque sensor for measuring the force and torque in a lower-limb rehabilitation robot. The three-axis force/torque sensor is composed of Fx force sensor, Fz force sensor and Tz torque sensor. The sensing element for Fx force sensor and Tz torque sensor is used in a two-step parallel plate beam, and that of Fz force sensor is used in a parallel plate beam. The rated loads of Fx force sensor, Tz torque sensor and Fz force sensor are 300 N, 15 N m and 100 N, respectively. The three-axis force/torque sensor was designed using the finite element method, and manufactured using strain-gauges. The three-axis force sensor was further characterized. As a result, the interference error of the three-axis force/torque sensor was < 1.24%, the repeatability error of each sensor was < 0.03%, and the non-linearity was < 0.02%.
Three-Axis force/torque sensor;Two-Step parallel plate beam;Parallel plate beam;Interference error;Rated output;
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