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Development of Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle using Single Actuator
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 Title & Authors
Development of Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle using Single Actuator
Jun, Myoung Jae; Kim, Dong Hyung; Choi, Hyeun Seok; Han, Chang Soo;
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In this paper, we propose a novel propulsion method for a Biomimetic underwater robot, which is a bio-inspired approach. The proposed propulsion method mimics the pectoral fins of a real fish. Pectoral fins of real fish are able to propel and change direction. We designed the propulsion mechanism of 1 D.O.F. that has two functions (propel and change direction). We named this propulsion system `Flipper`. The proposed propulsion method can control forward, pitch and yaw motion using the Flipper. We made an experimental underwater robot system and verified the proposed propulsion method. We measured its maximum speed and turning motion using an experimental underwater robot system. We also analyzed the thrust force from the maximum speed, using the thrust equation. Experimental results showed that our propulsion method enabled the thrust system of the biomimetic robot.
Biomimetic robot;Underwater robot;Fish robot;
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