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Expression of OsPTs-OX Transgenic Rice in Phosphate-Deficient Condition
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  • Volume 56, Issue 3,  2011, pp.264-272
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Crop Science
  • DOI : 10.7740/kjcs.2011.56.3.264
 Title & Authors
Expression of OsPTs-OX Transgenic Rice in Phosphate-Deficient Condition
Song, Song-Yi; Yi, Gi-Hwan; Park, Dong-Soo; Seo, Jong-Ho; Son, Beom-Young; Kim, Do-Hoon; Nam, Min-Hee;
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It needs to develop high phosphate-available rice that is able to minimize environmental pollution caused by phosphate fertilizer. Then we have transformed 4 rice transporter genes, OsPT(Oryza sativa Phosphate Transporter)1, OsPT4, OsPT7 or OsPT8, to rice (Oryza sativa cv. Dongjin) via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. We tested adaptation in the P-deficient condition of Dongjin (parental) and each transgenic line in the pot and the field conditions. Definite physiological changes have been observed in OsPTs transgenic lines including culm length, root formation and heading date. Phosphate uptake at harvesting stage was about three times higher in OsPT1-OX (overexpression) and OsPT4-OX than in Dongjin (wt) without P application. There are no variations in total phosphate-content of brown rice of OsPT1-OX in spite of high phosphate uptake. Practically the expression of OsPT1 has contributed to stabilize grain production without P fertilization in rice cultivation than Dongjin.
rice;OsPT;Phosphate transporter gene;transformation;
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