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Effect of High Temperature on Leaf Physiological Changes as Chlorophyll composition and Photosynthesis Rate of Rice
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  • Volume 60, Issue 3,  2015, pp.266-272
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Crop Science
  • DOI : 10.7740/kjcs.2015.60.3.266
 Title & Authors
Effect of High Temperature on Leaf Physiological Changes as Chlorophyll composition and Photosynthesis Rate of Rice
Shon, Jiyoung; Kim, Junhwan; Lee, Chung-Kuen; Yang, Woonho;
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High temperature impairs rice grain yield and quality. To understand the effect of high temperature on leaf physiological activity and grain filling, two cultivars of rice that Dongan and Ilpum were exposed to high temperature during ripening stage. Grain filling rate, perfect grain ratio and grain weight of high temperature () treated both rice cultivars were decreased than those of control temperature () treated. The reduction rates of grain filling ratio, perfect grain ratio and grain weight of high temperature treated to control treated rice were higher in Ilpum than Dongan. Chlorophyll contents of rice leaves under high temperature at early ripening stage were higher than those of control temperature, but those were slowly decreased with no difference between temperature treatment since at mid ripening stage. Although chlorophyll a/b ratio under high temperature was decreased from heading to 15 days after heading, that was gradually increased since 15 days after heading. Protein concentrations of rice leaves for ripening stage was a similar pattern with chlorophyll changes. The rate of photosynthesis at 14 days after heading under high temperature was higher than those of control temperature, but there was no difference at those of 7 and 34 days after heading between two temperature treatment. Free sugars under high temperature treated leaves were lower than control temperature. Consequently, these results exhibit that high temperature accelerate leaf physiological activity as chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthesis rate unlike the deterioration of grain filling.
rice;high-temperature;chlorophyll;chlorophyll a/b ratio;photosynthesis;senescence;
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