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Interpretation of Genotype × Environment Interaction of Sesame Yield Using GGE Biplot Analysis
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  • Volume 60, Issue 3,  2015, pp.349-354
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Crop Science
  • DOI : 10.7740/kjcs.2015.60.3.349
 Title & Authors
Interpretation of Genotype × Environment Interaction of Sesame Yield Using GGE Biplot Analysis
Shim, Kang-Bo; Shin, Seong-Hyu; Shon, Ji-Young; Kang, Shin-Gu; Yang, Woon-Ho; Heu, Sung-Gi;
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The AMMI (additive main effects and multiplicative interaction) and GGE (genotype main effect and genotype by environment interaction) biplot which were accounted for a substantial part of total sum of square in the analysis of variance suggested to be more appropriate models for explaining G E interaction. The grain yield of total ten sesame genotypes was significantly affected by environment which explained 61% of total variation, whereas genotype and genotype x environment interaction (G E) were explained 16%, 24% respectively. From the results of experiment, three genotypes Miryang49, Koppoom and Ansan were unstable, whereas other three genotypes Kyeongbuk18, Miryang50 and Kanghuk which were shorter projections to AEA ordinate were relatively stable over the environments. Yangbak which was closeness to the mean yield and short projection of the genotype marker lines was regarded as genotype indicating good performance with stability. Ansan, Miryang48 and Yangbaek showed the best performance in the environments of Naju, Suwon, Iksan and Andong. Similarly, genotype Miyrang47 exhibited the best performance in the environments of Chuncheon and Miryang. Andong is the closest to the ideal environment, and therefore, is the most desirable among eight environments.
sesame;G E interaction;AMMI model;GGE biplot analysis;
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