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Comparison of Characteristics Among Rice Varieties for Whole Green Rice Grain Production
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  • Volume 60, Issue 4,  2015, pp.442-447
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Crop Science
  • DOI : 10.7740/kjcs.2015.60.4.442
 Title & Authors
Comparison of Characteristics Among Rice Varieties for Whole Green Rice Grain Production
Won, Jun-Yeon; Cho, Jin-Woong;
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This research analyzed the characteristics of varieties of rice such as a harvest time and yield, and to select a proper variety to product green rice according to a conventional planting culture and a late planting culture. The most proper harvest time of rice, in general, was 15 to 25 days after heading to product the green rice. Sinsunchal among glutinous rice varieties and Chilbo among nonglutinous rice varieties showed the most amount harvest at 25 days after heading, which was a limit harvest time for the whole green rice production in overall rice varieties. The amount of green rice according to transplanting times, the May transplanting was more than the June . The yield of green rice harvested at 15~25 days after heading was varied according to varieties. Proper glutinous varieties for green rice production were Dongjinchal, Sangdongchal, Boseokchal, and Sinsunchal, in order of listed, which were transplanted at the May . Meanwhile, Boseokchal, Backokchal, and Sinsunchal, in order of listed, were proper varieties for green rice production, which were transplanted at the June . In nonglutinous rice, Samkwang, Nunbora, and Chilbo, which were transplanted at the May , were proper varieties for green rice production. Hwanggeomnodeul, Hopum, and Chilbo, which were transplanted at the June , were proper varieties for green rice production.
whole green rice;harvest time;
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녹색밀 생산을 위한 수확시기 및 품종별 특성 비교,최규환;장영직;송영은;서상영;강찬호;유영진;이기권;송영주;김정곤;조진웅;

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