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Polarimetric Fiber Pressure Sensor Incorporating Polarization-Diversity-Loop-Based Sagnac Interferometer
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 Title & Authors
Polarimetric Fiber Pressure Sensor Incorporating Polarization-Diversity-Loop-Based Sagnac Interferometer
Ryu, Uh-Chan; Choi, Sung Wook; Lee, Yong Wook;
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In this paper, we demonstrated a polarimetric fiber pressure sensor using a polarization-diversity-loop-based Sagnac interferometer(PDLSI) composed of polarization-maintaining fiber(PMF) and a fiber Bragg grating(FBG). In order to compare the pressure sensitivity for various kinds of PMF, three kinds of bow-tie PMF were employed as sensor heads. The maximum pressure sensitivity was measured as approximately -15.07nm/MPa, and an R2 value to represent sensor linearity was measured as ~0.992 at the sensor system using corresponding PMF over a pressure range of 0-0.3MPa. An FBG was utilized and located adjacent to the PMF segment for compensating temperature-induced errors in the measurement of pressure. The pressure sensitivity of the proposed sensor was improved by approximately four times compared with the previously reported pressure sensor based on polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber.
Polarization-Maintaining Fiber;Pressure Sensor;Sagnac Interferometer;Birefringence;
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