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Evaluation of Field Feasibility and Efficiency of Hydraulic Ram Pump
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  • Journal title : Economic and Environmental Geology
  • Volume 49, Issue 3,  2016, pp.243-248
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Economic and Environmental Geology
  • DOI : 10.9719/EEG.2016.49.3.243
 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Field Feasibility and Efficiency of Hydraulic Ram Pump
Lee, Soo-Hyoung; Yoon, Heesung; Kim, Dong-Hun; Shin, Esther; Kim, YongCheol; Ko, Kyung-Seok; Ha, Kyoochul;
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This study was conducted to evaluate the applicability and efficiency of water supply using hydraulic ram pump. Study area is the Imgok-ri, Hwanam-myeon, Sanju-si, Kyeongsangbuk-do. There is an abandoned coal mine, where groundwater is discharged from its entrance with a flow rate of approximately . Hydraulic ram pump uses the waterhammer phenomenon and utilizes the power of falling water for pumping part of that water to a higher elevation than the water sources without electric power. To determine the efficiency of hydraulic ram pump, the flow rate was measured at three points according to the altitude difference (${\Delta}h
hydraulic ram pump;groundwater discharge;water supply system;waterhammer phenomenon;mountain areas;
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