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Defect Classification of Components for SMT Inspection Machines
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 Title & Authors
Defect Classification of Components for SMT Inspection Machines
Lee, Jae-Seol; Park, Tae-Hyoung;
The inspection machine in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) line detects the assembly defects such as missing, misalignment, loosing, or tombstone. We propose a new method to classify the defect types of chip components by processing the image of PCB. Two original images are obtained from horizontal lighting and vertical lighting. The image of the component is divided into two soldering regions and one packaging region. The features are extracted by appling the PCA (Principle Component Analysis) to each region. The MLP (Multilayer Perceptron) and SVM (Support Vector Machine) are then used to classify the defect types by learning. The experimental results are presented to show the usefulness of the proposed method.
SMT (Surface Mount Technology);AOI (Automated Optical Inspection machine);defect classification;PCA;SVM;
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