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Trends in Biomimetic Vision Sensor Technology
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 Title & Authors
Trends in Biomimetic Vision Sensor Technology
Lee, Tae-Jae; Park, Yun-Jae; Koo, Kyo-In; Seo, Jong-Mo; Cho, Dong-Il Dan;
In conventional robotics, charge-coupled device (CCD) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) cameras have been utilized for acquiring vision information. These devices have problems, such as narrow optic angles and inefficiencies in visual information processing. Recently, biomimetic vision sensors for robotic applications have been receiving much attention. These sensors are more efficient than conventional vision sensors in terms of the optic angle, power consumption, dynamic range, and redundancy suppression. This paper presents recent research trends on biomimetic vision sensors and discusses future directions.
biomimetic;vision sensor;compound eye;
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