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Real time Omni-directional Object Detection Using Background Subtraction of Fisheye Image
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 Title & Authors
Real time Omni-directional Object Detection Using Background Subtraction of Fisheye Image
Choi, Yun-Won; Kwon, Kee-Koo; Kim, Jong-Hyo; Na, Kyung-Jin; Lee, Suk-Gyu;
This paper proposes an object detection method based on motion estimation using background subtraction in the fisheye images obtained through omni-directional camera mounted on the vehicle. Recently, most of the vehicles installed with rear camera as a standard option, as well as various camera systems for safety. However, differently from the conventional object detection using the image obtained from the camera, the embedded system installed in the vehicle is difficult to apply a complicated algorithm because of its inherent low processing performance. In general, the embedded system needs system-dependent algorithm because it has lower processing performance than the computer. In this paper, the location of object is estimated from the information of object's motion obtained by applying a background subtraction method which compares the previous frames with the current ones. The real-time detection performance of the proposed method for object detection is verified experimentally on embedded board by comparing the proposed algorithm with the object detection based on LKOF (Lucas-Kanade optical flow).
moving object detection;background subtraction;fish-eye image;
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고정형 임베디드 감시 카메라 시스템을 위한 다중 배경모델기반 객체검출,박수인;김민영;

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