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A Study on Vehicle Ego-motion Estimation by Optimizing a Vehicle Platform
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Vehicle Ego-motion Estimation by Optimizing a Vehicle Platform
Song, Moon-Hyung; Shin, Dong-Ho;
This paper presents a novel methodology for estimating vehicle ego-motion, i.e. tri-axis linear velocities and angular velocities by using stereo vision sensor and 2G1Y sensor (longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration, and yaw rate). The estimated ego-motion information can be utilized to predict future ego-path and improve the accuracy of 3D coordinate of obstacle by compensating for disturbance from vehicle movement representatively for collision avoidance system. For the purpose of incorporating vehicle dynamic characteristics into ego-motion estimation, the state evolution model of Kalman filter has been augmented with lateral vehicle dynamics and the vanishing point estimation has been also taken into account because the optical flow radiates from a vanishing point which might be varied due to vehicle pitch motion. Experimental results based on real-world data have shown the effectiveness of the proposed methodology in view of accuracy.
ego-motion;Kalman filter;stereo camera;optical flow;vehicle lateral dynamics;
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휴머노이드 로봇의 안전한 차량 주행 전략 및 원격 제어 인터페이스 개발,신세호;김민성;안준우;김상현;박재흥;

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