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Obstacle Detection Algorithm Using Forward-Viewing Mono Camera
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 Title & Authors
Obstacle Detection Algorithm Using Forward-Viewing Mono Camera
Lee, Tae-Jae; Lee, Hoon; Cho, Dong-Il Dan;
This paper presents a new forward-viewing mono-camera based obstacle detection algorithm for mobile robots. The proposed method extracts the coarse location of an obstacle in an image using inverse perspective mapping technique from sequential images. In the next step, graph-cut based image labeling is conducted for estimating the exact obstacle boundary. The graph-cut based labeling algorithm labels the image pixels as either obstacle or floor as the final outcome. Experiments are performed to verify the obstacle detection performance of the developed algorithm in several examples, including a book, box, towel, and flower pot. The low illumination condition, low color contrast between floor and obstacle, and floor pattern cases are also tested.
obstacle detection;mono-camera;segmentation;
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전동휠체어 주행안전을 위한 3차원 깊이카메라 기반 장애물검출,서준호;김창원;

제어로봇시스템학회논문지, 2016. vol.22. 7, pp.552-556 crossref(new window)
목표물의 거리 및 특징점 불확실성 추정을 통한 매니퓰레이터의 영상기반 비주얼 서보잉,이상협;정성찬;홍영대;좌동경;

제어로봇시스템학회논문지, 2016. vol.22. 6, pp.403-410 crossref(new window)
수색 구조 로봇을 위한 적외선 영상 기반 인명 인식,박정길;이근재;박재병;

제어로봇시스템학회논문지, 2016. vol.22. 4, pp.288-292 crossref(new window)
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