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Realtime Robust Curved Lane Detection Algorithm using Gaussian Mixture Model
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 Title & Authors
Realtime Robust Curved Lane Detection Algorithm using Gaussian Mixture Model
Jang, Chanhee; Lee, Sunju; Choi, Changbeom; Kim, Young-Keun;
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) requires not only real-time robust lane detection, both straight and curved, but also predicting upcoming steering direction by detecting the curvature of lanes. In this paper, a curvature lane detection algorithm is proposed to enhance the accuracy and detection rate based on using inverse perspective images and Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) to segment the lanes from the background under various illumination condition. To increase the speed and accuracy of the lane detection, this paper used template matching, RANSAC and proposed post processing method. Through experiments, it is validated that the proposed algorithm can detect both straight and curved lanes as well as predicting the upcoming direction with 92.95% of detection accuracy and 50fps speed.
curve lane detection;lane departure warning;advanced driver assistance systems;
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수색 구조 로봇을 위한 적외선 영상 기반 인명 인식,박정길;이근재;박재병;

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