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Tracking of Walking Human Based on Position Uncertainty of Dynamic Vision Sensor of Quadcopter UAV
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 Title & Authors
Tracking of Walking Human Based on Position Uncertainty of Dynamic Vision Sensor of Quadcopter UAV
Lee, Junghyun; Jin, Taeseok;
The accuracy of small and low-cost CCD cameras is insufficient to provide data for precisely tracking unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This study shows how a quad rotor UAV can hover on a human targeted tracking object by using data from a CCD camera rather than imprecise GPS data. To realize this, quadcopter UAVs need to recognize their position and posture in known environments as well as unknown environments. Moreover, it is necessary for their localization to occur naturally. It is desirable for UAVs to estimate their position by solving uncertainty for quadcopter UAV hovering, as this is one of the most important problems. In this paper, we describe a method for determining the altitude of a quadcopter UAV using image information of a moving object like a walking human. This method combines the observed position from GPS sensors and the estimated position from images captured by a fixed camera to localize a UAV. Using the a priori known path of a quadcopter UAV in the world coordinates and a perspective camera model, we derive the geometric constraint equations that represent the relation between image frame coordinates for a moving object and the estimated quadcopter UAV's altitude. Since the equations are based on the geometric constraint equation, measurement error may exist all the time. The proposed method utilizes the error between the observed and estimated image coordinates to localize the quadcopter UAV. The Kalman filter scheme is applied for this method. Its performance is verified by a computer simulation and experiments.
quadcopter;vision;recognition;Kalman filter;estimation;
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