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Kinematic Parameter Optimization of Jumping Robot Using Energy Conversion of Elastic Body
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 Title & Authors
Kinematic Parameter Optimization of Jumping Robot Using Energy Conversion of Elastic Body
Choi, JaeNeung; Lee, Sangho; Jeong, Kyungmin; Seo, TaeWon;
Various jumping robot platforms have been developed to carry out missions such as rescues, explorations, or inspections of dangerous environments. We suggested a jumping robot platform using energy conversion of the elastic body like the bar of a pole vault, which is the main part in which elastic force occurs. The compliant link was optimized by an optimization method based on Taguchi methodology, and the robot's leaping ability was improved. Among the parameters, the length, width, and thickness of the link were selected as design variables first while the others were fixed. The level of the design variables was settled, and an orthogonal array about its combination was made. In the experiment, dynamic simulations were conducted using the DAFUL program, and response table and sensitivity analyses were performed. We found optimized values through a level average analysis and sensitivity analysis. As a result, the maximum leaping height of the optimized robot increased by more than 6.2% compared to the initial one, and these data will be used to design a new robot.
jumping robot;compliant linkage;optimal design;level average analysis;orthogonal array;
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