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Localization Method for Multiple Robots Based on Bayesian Inference in Cognitive Radio Networks
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 Title & Authors
Localization Method for Multiple Robots Based on Bayesian Inference in Cognitive Radio Networks
Kim, Donggu; Park, Joongoo;
In this paper, a localization method for multiple robots based on Bayesian inference is proposed when multiple robots adopting multi-RAT (Radio Access Technology) communications exist in cognitive radio networks. Multiple robots are separately defined by primary and secondary users as in conventional mobile communications system. In addition, the heterogeneous spectrum environment is considered in this paper. To improve the performance of localization for multiple robots, a realistic multiple primary user distribution is explained by using the probabilistic graphical model, and then we introduce the Gibbs sampler strategy based on Bayesian inference. In addition, the secondary user selection minimizing the value of GDOP (Geometric Dilution of Precision) is also proposed in order to overcome the limitations of localization accuracy with Gibbs sampling. Via the simulation results, we can show that the proposed localization method based on GDOP enhances the accuracy of localization for multiple robots. Furthermore, it can also be verified from the simulation results that localization performance is significantly improved with increasing number of observation samples when the GDOP is considered.
cognitive radio networks;multiple robot;localization;Bayesian inference;Gibbs sampler strategy;geometric dilution of precision;
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