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H Observer Design for Detecting Internal Oil Leakage in a Hydraulic Cylinder
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 Title & Authors
H Observer Design for Detecting Internal Oil Leakage in a Hydraulic Cylinder
Jee, Sung Chul; Kang, Hyungjoo; Lee, Mun-Jik; Li, Ji-Hong;
This paper presents the internal oil leakage detection problem for a hydraulic double-rod cylinder. We represent the dynamics of the hydraulic cylinder as a convex combination of linear equations. To detect oil leakage, we propose a model-based fault detection observer design scheme. The observer is designed to be robust against disturbance. Sufficient design conditions are derived in the form of linear matrix inequalities. A numerical example is provided to verify the proposed techniques.
oil leakage;fault detection;hydraulic cylinder;model-based observer;linear matrix inequality;
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편로드 유압실린더 내부 누유 검출을 위한 T—S 퍼지 모델 기반 샘플치 관측기 설계: LMI 접근법,지성철;김효곤;박정우;이문직;강형주;이계홍;

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