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Bridge for Exchange of Data and Service Invocation Between OPRoS and ROS
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 Title & Authors
Bridge for Exchange of Data and Service Invocation Between OPRoS and ROS
Lee, Ki Woon; Park, Hong Seong;
This paper proposes a bridge model for data exchange and service invocation between OPRoS and ROS platforms, shows the validity of the proposed model via applications, and compares the proposed model with the OPRoS platform and the ROS platform using performance measures such as data exchange time and service response time. The proposed model operates independently of OPRoS and ROS Platforms using its configuration file with mapping information among the OPRoS data/service port and the ROS topic/service. The configuration file makes easy connections between OPRoS data/service and ROS topic/service without changing the source code of the platform and components.
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