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Development of a Smartphone Controlled Personal Mobility System (PMS) with Semi-autonomous Navigation
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 Title & Authors
Development of a Smartphone Controlled Personal Mobility System (PMS) with Semi-autonomous Navigation
Kim, Yeongyun; Kim, Dong Hun;
In this paper, a smartphone-controlled personal mobility system (PMS) with semi-autonomous navigation is developed. The proposed PMS moves to waypoints and then reaches the destination where the waypoints and destination are selected by the user using Google maps in a smartphone. The hardware environment consists of a GPS (Global Positioning System) in the smartphone and a compass sensor. In addtion, while it is moving in autonomous mode, the user can intervene and change the direction and speed of the PMS in order to avoid obstacles that may be encountered accidentally in a dynamic environment. That is why it is called "semi-autonomous navigation". Experimental results showed that the proposed PMS is effectively able to migrate to the waypoints and destination in both autonomous and manual modes.
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