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Design of Smart Three-Axis Force Sensor
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 Title & Authors
Design of Smart Three-Axis Force Sensor
Lee, Kyung-Jun; Kim, Hyeon-Min; Kim, Gab-Soon;
This paper describes the design of a smart three-axis force sensor for measuring forces Fx, Fy and Fz. The smart three-axis force sensor is composed of a three-axis force sensor, a force-measuring device, housing and a cover, where the three-axis force sensor and the force-measuring device are inside the housing and the cover. The measuring device measures forces Fx, Fy and Fz from the three-axis force sensor, and calculates the resultant force using the measured forces, and then sends the resultant force and forces to a PC or other controller using RS-485 communication. The repeatability error and the non-linearity error of the smart three-axis force sensor are less than 0.03%, and the interference error of the sensor is less than 0.87%. It is thought that the sensor can be used for measuring forces in a robot, automatic systems and so on.
smart sensor;three-axis force sensor;interference error;strain gage;rated output;repeatability error;no-linearity error;
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