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Obstacle Classification Method using Multi Feature Comparison Based on Single 2D LiDAR
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 Title & Authors
Obstacle Classification Method using Multi Feature Comparison Based on Single 2D LiDAR
Lee, Moohyun; Hur, Soojung; Park, Yongwan;
We propose an obstacle classification method using multi-decision factors and decision sections based on Single 2D LiDAR. The existing obstacle classification method based on single 2D LiDAR has two specific advantages: accuracy and decreased calculation time. However, it was difficult to classify obstacle type, and therefore accurate path planning was not possible. To overcome this problem, a method of classifying obstacle type based on width data was proposed. However, width data was not sufficient to enable accurate obstacle classification. The proposed algorithm of this paper involves the comparison between decision factor and decision section to classify obstacle type. Decision factor and decision section was determined using width, standard deviation of distance, average normalized intensity, and standard deviation of normalized intensity data. Experiments using a real autonomous vehicle in a real environment showed that calculation time decreased in comparison with 2D LiDAR-based method, thus demonstrating the possibility of obstacle type classification using single 2D LiDAR.
LiDAR;obstacle classification;features extraction;segmentation;database;
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