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Dynamic Modeling of a Novel ATC Mechanism based on 4-bar Linkage
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic Modeling of a Novel ATC Mechanism based on 4-bar Linkage
Lee, Sangho; Kim, Jong-Won; Seo, TaeWon; Kim, Jongwon;
Recently, demands on the tapping machine are increased due to the case of a cell phone is changed to metal such as aluminum. The automatic tool changer (ATC) is one of the most important devices for the tapping machine related to the speed and energy consumption of the machine. To reduce the consumed energy and vibration, the dynamic modeling is essential for the ATC. In this paper, inverse dynamic modeling of a novel ATC mechanism is introduced. The proposed ATC mechanism is composed of a double four-bar mechanism with a circular tablet to generate continuous rotation of the tablet. The dynamic modeling is performed based on the Lagrange equation with a modeling for the contact between the four-bar and the tablet. Simulation results for various working conditions are proposed and analyzed for the prototype design. The dynamic modeling can be applied to determine the proper actuator and to reduce the vibration and consumed energy for the ATC machine.
Automatic tool changer;four-bar mechanism;dynamic modeling;kinematics;angle transmission;
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