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A Study on Selecting Geospatial Framework Data Using Factor Analysis
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Selecting Geospatial Framework Data Using Factor Analysis
Choe, Byong Nam; Lee, Ji Hun; Park, Jin Sik; Kang, In Gu;
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Several countries have built National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for information sharing among various fields. One of the important factors of NSDI is framework data, which is the most commonly used geospatial data across various fields. Previous studies on the framework data suggest components based on frequency survey and case study. However, such research methods do not have objectivity in setting the components of the framework data. This research uses factor analysis with 104 medium-level layers from the most widely used National Base Map and 5 layers from the other sources including cadastre and aerial image. Each layer is scaled with usage level as four different patterns of 1) background data, 2) reference data, 3) base data, and 4) other data, respectively. The analysis results show that the layers are grouped into 5 to 7 factors according to the patterns. ANOVA reveals that the mean differences between the factors with high values and the other factors with low values under each pattern are statistically significant. Such high value factors under each pattern consist of similar layers, close to identical, with those under the other categories. This research proposes framework data system, including transportation, building, hydrography, elevation, administrative district, digital orthoimagery, geodetic control, and cadastral based on the analysis results. Proposed framework in this research will be a basis of establishing spatial data sharing system. For sharing proposed framework data in various fields, these data must be established and distributed as actual standard and also related future researches should be performed.
Geospatial Data;Framework Data;National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI);Information Sharing;Factor Analysis;
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