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Development Plan of Grid System Utilizing Spatial Information
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 Title & Authors
Development Plan of Grid System Utilizing Spatial Information
Kim, Dae Hyun; Kim, Jae Myeong; Yoon, Byung Chan; Chang, Eun Mi; Choi, Yun Soo;
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Currently, each organization has developed its gridded data in the form of respective grid system for its own purpose. Interoperability among the organization had been limited and resulted in inconvenient data access and application across domains. In this study, we investigated potential standards for National grid system and their strength and weakness. We also reviewed existing gridding schemes and had a survey of demand about grid system to those who have used or would plan to use gridded data in academic and business sectors. As the result of survey of demand, we suggested national grid system for national grid data integration management system which has the mutual compatibility and also proposed sharing scheme of the grid type for users who need to grid data.
National grid system;Grid data;Gridding methods;Grid attribute data;
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