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A Geodesign Methodology for Landscape Design
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 Title & Authors
A Geodesign Methodology for Landscape Design
Ko, Jae Yong; Kim, Eun Hyung;
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A design methodology for sustainable on the earth requires a synthetic, and holistic perspective to understand natural processes and urban environments. The apperceptive, holistic landscape design methodology includes one united environment combining analysis, planning and design. In addition, the individual process needs to provide enough spatial information and demands evaluation and understanding on the impact of a design result. The perspective and vision of Ian Mcharg, as asserted in his book, Design with Nature (1969), that the earth is one superorganism is being realized with Geodesign technologies. This paper made the following research efforts which can overcome the limit of the present GIS technologies for the sustainable landscape design: Review of the previous researches, analysis of foreign Geodesign cases and applied theories, suggestion of a Geodesign methodology for landscape design, selection of Geodesign tools and technologies for the implementation of the methodology, and finally the demonstration of effectiveness and potentiality by the application of the methodology.
Sustainable Development;Landscape Design;Geodesign;Geodesign Technology and Tool;Geodesign and Landscape Design;
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