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Effects of the Actindia chinensis on Loperamide-induced Constipation in Rat
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Plant Resources
  • Volume 24, Issue 1,  2011, pp.61-68
  • Publisher : The Plant Resources Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.7732/kjpr.2011.24.1.061
 Title & Authors
Effects of the Actindia chinensis on Loperamide-induced Constipation in Rat
Kim, Dong-Geon; Jin, Young-Geon; Jin, Ju-Youn; Kim, Sang-Cheol; Kim, Seong-Cheol; Han, Chang-Hoon; Lee, Young-Jae;
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Loperamide-induced constipation reduced gastric emptying, small-intestinal and colonic motility, and these effects were prevented by Actindia chinensis(Gold Kiwi Fruit, GKF). In this study, the effects of Actindia chinensis on constipated male Sprague-Dawley rats induced by loperamide(2 mg/kg, s.c.,5 days) were investigated. Rats were randomly assigned to the normal control rats(regular diet), constipated rats(regular diet plus loperamide), constipated rats treated with 2.5% GKF(regular diet supplemented with 2.5% GKF plus loperamide), constipated rats treated with 5% GKF (regular diet supplemented with 5% GKF plus loperamide). There was less fecal excretion and lower fecal water content in loperamide-treated rats than in control rats. Oral administration of GKF blocked the decrease of fecal excretion and fecal water content in the loperamide-treated rats. Mucus production of crypt cell and mucus contents at fecal and mucosa surface were reduced by loperamide-treated rat. But colonic crypt cell contained increased mucin in the GKF treated group and mucus layer stained with alcian blue was significantly thicker in GKF treated rats compared with in loperamide-treated rats. In isolated rat ileum, loperamide produced inhibition of ileal motility. Pretreatment with methanolic extracts of GKF in isolated rat ileum prevented inhibition by loperamide. These findings indicated that the GKF was effective for alleviation of inhibition of colonic peristalsis by loperamide and that GKF might be of value in the prevention of constipation.
Actindia chinensis;Gold kiwi fruit;Constipation;Isolated rat ileum;Loperamide;
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