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The Vascular Plants in Mt. Bohyeon, Gyeongbuk, Korea
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Plant Resources
  • Volume 28, Issue 2,  2015, pp.193-216
  • Publisher : The Plant Resources Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.7732/kjpr.2015.28.2.193
 Title & Authors
The Vascular Plants in Mt. Bohyeon, Gyeongbuk, Korea
Park, Kyu Tae; Choi, Kyoung Su; Son, Ogyeong; Lee, Eun Mi; Kim, Hae Sik; Boo, Da Un; Park, SeonJoo;
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This study was carried out to investigate the vascular plants of Mt. Bohyeon (Gyeongbuk). The vascular plants were collected 22 times and summarized as 589 taxa, including 105 families, 327 genera, 522 species, 11 subspecies, 48 varieties and 8 forms respectively. Among them, 13 Korean endemics, 10 red list of vascular plants, 2 endangered plants and 83 specially designated plants by the Ministry of Environment were included respectively. The naturalized plants were 37 taxa and the naturalized ratio was 6.41 of 589 taxa. Usage of 589 taxa were consists of 240 taxa (40.1%) of edible plants, 205 taxa (34.2%) of medicinal plants, 62 taxa (10.3%) of ornamental plants, 213 taxa (35.6%) of pasture plants, 15 taxa (2.5%) of timber plants, 8 taxa (1.3%) of fiberplants, and 3 taxa (0.5%) of industrial plants.
Vascular plants;Endemic plants;Red list;Endangered;Naturalized plant;Usage;
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