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Plants Species Diversity and Flora of Wetlands in the Forest of Gangwon Province
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Plant Resources
  • Volume 28, Issue 4,  2015, pp.419-440
  • Publisher : The Plant Resources Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.7732/kjpr.2015.28.4.419
 Title & Authors
Plants Species Diversity and Flora of Wetlands in the Forest of Gangwon Province
Son, Ho-Jun; Kim, Young-Sol; Kim, Nam-Young; Lee, Hak-Bong; Kim, Se-Chang; Lee, Hee-Bong; Park, Wan-Geun;
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This study was carried out to investigate the flora of indigenous habitat of Simjeok forest wetland, Mt. Jeombomg forest wetland, Mt. Sohwangbyung forest wetland, Jilmoi-neup, and Mt. Myeon forest wetland in Gangwon Province. The vascular plants were summarized as 547 taxa; 92 families, 296 genera, 468 species, 4 subspecies, 67 varieties, 8 forms. The plants that are specially noteworthy are 17 taxa of Korean endemic plants, 3 taxa of Critical Endangered Species (CR), 4 taxa of Endangered Species (EN), 8 taxa of Vulnerable Species (VU) and 17 taxa of Least Concemed Species (LC) in rare plants as categorized by the Korean Forest Service. Furthermore, V, IV, III degrees of floristic regional indicator plants as categorized by the Korean Ministry of Environment included 9 taxa, 14 taxa and 34 taxa, respectively. In addition, 25 taxa of naturalized plants were observed. In this study, we identified a variety of plants observed in the wetlands of Gangwon Province. We believe that this study will provide useful data for future research on the conservation and management of wetlands.
Forest wetland;Wetland plants;Rare plants;Endemic plants;
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무제치늪에 자생하는 식물의 뿌리에서 분리한 내생진균의 군집분석 및 다양성 분석,천우재;최혜림;김현;남윤종;오유선;정민지;이난영;하상철;김종국;

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