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An Efficient Clamp to Reduce Switch Voltage Stress of Forward Converter
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 Title & Authors
An Efficient Clamp to Reduce Switch Voltage Stress of Forward Converter
Kim, Marn-Go;
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In this study, an efficient clamp is proposed to reduce the switch voltage stress of a forward converter. The proposed clamp consists of a conventional LC snubber, a tertiary winding, and a diode. When the switch is turned OFF, the magnetizing inductor energy of the transformer is recovered directly into the flyback output, which is the tertiary winding and diode network, instead of circulating in the LC snubber. Therefore, switch voltage stress and circulating current caused by the magnetizing inductor energy are reduced. This condition improves the efficiency of the forward converter with limited switch voltage stress. A theoretical analysis and the design guidelines of the proposed converter are provided. Experimental results are also reported.
Forward converter;Switch voltage stress;Magnetizing inductor energy recovery;Circulating current;Switch utilization;
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