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High Frequency (MHz) LLC Resonant Converter for a Capacitor Coupling Wireless Power Transfer (CCWPT)
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 Title & Authors
High Frequency (MHz) LLC Resonant Converter for a Capacitor Coupling Wireless Power Transfer (CCWPT)
You, Young-Soo; Moon, HyunWon; Yi, Kang-Hyun;
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This paper proposes a high-frequency (MHz) LLC resonant converter for a capacitor coupling wireless power transfer (CCWPT). The CCWPT uses electric field in the coupling capacitor between the transmitter and receiver electrodes with a dielectric layer. Given that capacitance is very small and the impedance is large, transferring power with a simple series resonance is difficult. Therefore, the high frequency (MHz) and high Q factor LLC converter is proposed to reduce the impedance of the coupling capacitance and to obtain a high output voltage. This paper deals with the operation analysis of the proposed LLC converter and a theoretical capacitance estimation. The operation and features of the proposed CCWPT LLC converter is verified with a 4.2 W prototype for charging mobile devices.
CCWPT(Capacitor Coupling Wireless Power Transfer);High frequency LLC converter;Coupling capacitor;Glass dielectric layer;
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