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A Novel Asymmetrical Half-type IPM BLDC Motor Structure for Reducing Torque Ripple
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 Title & Authors
A Novel Asymmetrical Half-type IPM BLDC Motor Structure for Reducing Torque Ripple
Sim, Yosub; Niguchi, Noboru; Hirata, Katsuhiro;
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This paper proposes a novel asymmetrical interior permanent magnet (IPM) brushless DC (BLDC) motor structure, which utilizes half-type permanent magnet (PM) configuration and has asymmetrical side gaps (slot next to the PMs) for reducing torque ripples. This structure uses 24% less volume of PMs than conventional IPM BLDC motor with a full set of magnets. The characteristics of the proposed motor are compared with three other half-type IPM BLDC motors through finite elements method (FEM) analysis, and the usefulness of the proposed motor was verified through experimental evaluation on prototypes of the conventional motor and proposed motor under various torque load conditions. This research obtained a high-performance IPM BLDC motor while decreasing manufacturing cost at the same time.
Air gaps;Brushless motors;Finite element analysis;Permanent magnets;
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