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A Novel Rotor Position Estimation Method using a Rotation Matrix for a Square-Wave Signal Injected Sensorless Control in IPMSM
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 Title & Authors
A Novel Rotor Position Estimation Method using a Rotation Matrix for a Square-Wave Signal Injected Sensorless Control in IPMSM
Kim, Sang-Il; Kim, Rae-Young;
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In this study, a novel rotor position sensorless estimation method of an interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor is proposed. A square-wave pulsating voltage signal is injected in the estimated synchronous reference frame. This signal is interpreted in the stationary reference frame regardless of the estimated rotor position. Thus, assuming that the position error is nearly zero is unnecessary because the variables in the estimated synchronous reference frame are not used. The rotor position can be exactly calculated from two voltage references and three sampled current feedbacks in the stationary reference frame. The proposed method is easy to implement and helps enhance the bandwidth of the current controller. The validity of the proposed method is verified by simulations and experiments.
Sensor-less control;IPMSM(Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine);Signal injection;Rotation matrix;
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