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Development of 50kW High Efficiency Fast Charger with Wide Charging Voltage Range
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 Title & Authors
Development of 50kW High Efficiency Fast Charger with Wide Charging Voltage Range
Park, Jun-Sung; Kim, Min-Jae; Jeong, Heon-Soo; Kim, Joo-Ha; Choi, Se-Wan;
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In this study, a fast charger for electric vehicle with wide charging voltage range is proposed. To achieve high efficiency, three-level topologies are employed for the AC-DC and DC-DC converters. Given that the output range of the DC-DC converter in fast chargers is quite wide, the circulating current of conventional three-level converter will increase under low voltage condition. The proposed hybrid switching method mitigates this issue. When a coupled inductor is used on the output side, the circulating current is further reduced, and the switches , , , and achieve turning-off under the ZCS condition. Experimental results from a 50 kW prototype are provided to validate the proposed charger, and a rated efficiency of 95.9% is obtained.
Fast charger;T-type three-level inverter;Three-level dc-dc converter;Hybrid switching method;
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