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Bidirectional Magnetic Wireless Communication System under Inductive Power Transfer capable of Amplitude-Shift Keying(ASK) Modulation Control
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 Title & Authors
Bidirectional Magnetic Wireless Communication System under Inductive Power Transfer capable of Amplitude-Shift Keying(ASK) Modulation Control
Choi, Byeung-Guk; Lee, Eun-Soo; Rim, Chun-Taek;
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A novel bidirectional magnetic wireless communication system is proposed in this study. This system provides the communication capability between the source and load sides by high-frequency signal while wireless power is transferred. Contrary to the conventional wireless communication systems using complex IC circuit and active components, the proposed system is simply composed of passive components. It is practical and beneficial for environmental robustness, cost effectiveness, and simple implementation. The detailed static analysis of the proposed system for power and communication lines is established. The proposed system is experimentally verified, and results show that a 0.1 voltage gain for communication line is obtained while a 2.0 voltage gain for the power line is achieved. The proposed system is adequate for practical applications as it allows the inductive power transfer system to wirelessly and easily communicate between the source and load sides.
WPTS(Wireless Power Transfer System);IPTS(Inductive Power Transfer System);Magnetic wireless communication;ASK(Amplitude-Shift Keying) modulation;
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