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Screening of Spray-Dried K2CO3-Based Solid Sorbents using Various Support Materials for CO2 Capture
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 Title & Authors
Screening of Spray-Dried K2CO3-Based Solid Sorbents using Various Support Materials for CO2 Capture
Eom, Tae Hyoung; Lee, Joong Beom; Baek, Jeom In; Ryub, Chong Kul; Rhee, Young Woo;
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-based dry regenerable sorbents were prepared by spray-drying techniques to improve mass produced sorbents (KEP-CO2P, hereafter), and then tested for their sorption capacity by a (0.5 MWe) capture pilot plant built for Unit 3 of the Hadong thermal power station in 2010. Each of the sample sorbents contained 35 wt.% as the active materials with various support materials such as , MgO, Zeolite 13X, , and hydrotalcite (HTC). Their physical properties and reactivity were tested to evaluate their applicability to a fluidized-bed or fast transport-bed capture process. The sorption capacity and percentage utilization of -MgO based sorbent, Sorb-KM2, was -sorbents and 90%, respectively, along with good mechanical strength for fluidized-bed application. Sorbs-KM2 and KT were almost completely regenerated at . No degradation of Sorb-KM by added as a pollutant in flue gas was observed during a cycle test.
CO2capture;Dry regenerable solid sorbent;Flue gas;Fluidized-bed reactor;
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Energy Technology Perspectives; OECD/IEA, 2010.

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