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Study on CO2 Decomposition using Ar/CO2 Inductively Coupled Plasma
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 Title & Authors
Study on CO2 Decomposition using Ar/CO2 Inductively Coupled Plasma
Kim, Kyung-Hyun; Kim, Kwan-Yong; Lee, Hyo-Chang; Chung, Chin-Wook;
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Decomposition of carbon dioxide is studied using mixture inductively coupled plasmas (ICP). Argon gas was added to generate plasma which has high electron density. To measure decomposition rate of , optical emission actinometry is used. Changing input power, pressure and mixture ratio, the plasma parameters and the spectrum intensity were measured using single Langmuir probe and spectroscope. The source characteristic of Carbon dioxide ICP observed from the obtained plasma parameters. The decomposition rate is evolved depending on the reaction and discharge mode. This result is analyzed with both the measurement of the plasma parameters and the dissociation mechanism of .
Carbon dioxide;Plasma;Decomposition;Radio frequency;ICP;
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