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Performance Comparison of Spray-dried Mn-based Oxygen Carriers Prepared with γ-Al2O3, α-Al2O3, and MgAl2O4 as Raw Support Materials
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 Title & Authors
Performance Comparison of Spray-dried Mn-based Oxygen Carriers Prepared with γ-Al2O3, α-Al2O3, and MgAl2O4 as Raw Support Materials
Baek, Jeom-In; Kim, Ui-Sik; Jo, Hyungeun; Eom, Tae Hyoung; Lee, Joong Beom; Ryu, Ho-Jung;
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In chemical-looping combustion, pure oxygen is transferred to fuel by solid particles called as oxygen carrier. Chemical-looping combustion process usually utilizes a circulating fluidized-bed process for fuel combustion and regeneration of the reduced oxygen carrier. The performance of an oxygen carrier varies with the active metal oxide and the raw support materials used. In this work, spraydried Mn-based oxygen carriers were prepared with different raw support materials and their physical properties and oxygen transfer performance were investigated to determine that the raw support materials used are suitable for spray-dried manganese oxide oxygen carrier. Oxygen carriers composed of 70 wt% and 30 wt% support were produced using spray dryer. Two different types of , and , and were applied as starting raw support materials. The oxygen carrier prepared from showed high mechanical strength stronger than commercial fluidization catalytic cracking catalyst at calcination temperatures below , while the ones prepared from and required higher calcination temperatures. Oxygen transfer capacity of the oxygen carrier prepared from was less than 3 wt%. In comparison, oxygen carriers prepared from and showed higher oxygen transfer capacity, around 3.4 and 4.4 wt%, respectively. Among the prepared Mn-based oxygen carriers, the one made from showed superior oxygen transfer performance in the chemical-looping combustion of , , and CO. However, it required a high calcination temperature of to obtain strong mechnical strength. Therefore, further study to develop new support compositions is required to lower the calcination temperature without decline in the oxygen transfer performance.
Carbon dioxide;chemical looping combustion;oxygen carrier;manganese oxide;
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