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Design of Thermodynamic Cycle and Cryogenic Turbo Expander for 2 kW Class Brayton Refrigerator
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 Title & Authors
Design of Thermodynamic Cycle and Cryogenic Turbo Expander for 2 kW Class Brayton Refrigerator
Lee, Jinwoo; Lee, Changhyeong; Yang, Hyeongseok; Kim, Seokho;
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The High Temperature Superconducting power cables (HTS power cables) become increasingly longer to commercialize the HTS power cable system. Accordingly, demands on refrigerators of large cooling capacity per a unit system have been increased. In Korea, it is currently imported from abroad with the high price due to insufficient domestic technologies. In order to commercialize the HTS power cables, it is necessary to develop the refrigerators with large cooling capacity. The Brayton refrigerators are composed of recuperative heat exchangers, compressors and cryogenic turbo expanders. The most directly considering the efficiency of the Brayton refrigerator, it depends on performance of the cryogenic turbo expander. Rotating at high speed in cryogenic temperature, the cryogenic turbo expanders lower temperature by expanding high pressure of a helium or neon gas. In this paper, the reverse Brayton cycle is designed and the cryogenic turbo expander is designed in accordance with the thermodynamic cycle.
Cryogenic turbo expander;reverse Brayton cycle;cryocooler;refrigerator;cryogenic turbomachines;
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