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Estimation of the History of "The Old House at No`eun-ri" and its Original Structure
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  • Journal title : Journal of architectural history
  • Volume 25, Issue 1,  2016, pp.33-46
  • Publisher : Korean Association of Architectural History
  • DOI : 10.7738/JAH.2016.25.1.033
 Title & Authors
Estimation of the History of "The Old House at No`eun-ri" and its Original Structure
Lee, Jong-Seo;
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The old house at No`eun-ri, located in Hongseong-gun Hongbuk-myeon of the Chungcheong Nam-do province, really seems like the old house of late Seong Sam-mun who died in 1456. The original structure of the house seems to have been symmetrical, in terms of its left and right sides, and the females` chamber(Anchae) as well as the guest quarters(Haeng`rang-chae) would have featured a Matbae(맞배) fashion. The flank chamber and corridor would have displayed a multi-storied shape, and people would have been able to traverse the inside of the house all the way to the second story of the residence. We can see such shapes and dispositions from other `ㅁ`-shaped houses - found in Chungnam and Gyeongbuk regions - which are now considered as distinct characteristics of certain residences constructed before the war with the Japanese in the 1590s, confirmed from extant vestiges and historical records of that time period. It can be concluded that the old house at No`eun-ri does harbor the traits and elements that resembled the upper class residences of the Joseon dynasty`s early half period.
`ㅁ`-shaped house;Upper class residence;Left/Right Symmetry;Multi-storied structure;Seong Sam-mun;
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