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Construction History of the Old House "IMCHEONGGAK" in Andong and Estimation of its Original Structure -Focused on the `Inner chamber` and the `Sarang section`-
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  • Journal title : Journal of architectural history
  • Volume 25, Issue 2,  2016, pp.31-44
  • Publisher : Korean Association of Architectural History
  • DOI : 10.7738/JAH.2016.25.2.031
 Title & Authors
Construction History of the Old House "IMCHEONGGAK" in Andong and Estimation of its Original Structure -Focused on the `Inner chamber` and the `Sarang section`-
Lee, Jong-Seo;
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Imcheong-gak[臨淸閣] was a familial residence constructed in the early half of the Joseon dynasty period. It was partially destroyed by a fire during the 1590s war[壬辰倭亂] with the Japanese, and another fire that was caused between 1631 and 1634. The inner chamber[An-chae] and the Sarang section[Sarang-chae] today is the result of a partial reconstruction that took place back in 1626 and again around 1634. The residence also went through some changes because the new Ondol[溫突] heating system had to be applied to the structure. Based upon sections that remain in their original forms, we can presume that the Imcheong-gak residence originally had an inner chamber which was composed of the following elements: A main structure which was built upon a foundation featuring a Matbae[맞배] roof, two "Ik`rang[翼廊, flank]" sections on the East and West sides of the inner chamber, and a "Haeng`rang[行廊, passage]" structure on the opposite side of the main structure. Unlike the main structure, other portions of the inner chamber were all built directly upon the ground, and showed multiple stories, with Matbae roofs of their own. We can also assume that the Sarang section in the south would have been a pre-Ondol[溫突] bedroom, with a Board platform[板房] and a Gomi-ceiling[Gomi-banza] fashion.
Imcheonggak;`口`-shaped house;Ondol;Multi-storied structure;Doors and windows;
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