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A Study on the Evolutionary Process of Ddeulzip in Andong Kwon`s Family at Andong Cultural Area
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  • Journal title : Journal of architectural history
  • Volume 25, Issue 2,  2016, pp.45-56
  • Publisher : Korean Association of Architectural History
  • DOI : 10.7738/JAH.2016.25.2.045
 Title & Authors
A Study on the Evolutionary Process of Ddeulzip in Andong Kwon`s Family at Andong Cultural Area
Kim, Hwa-Bong;
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The purpose of this study is to analyze the evolutionary process of Ddeulzip. The subject of this study is a clan family of Andong Kwon in Andong Area. Ddeulzip`s evolutionary process of the construction and management is divided into largely three periods in Josun Dynasty. The establishment and changing process of Ddeulzip for Andong Kwon`s family are analyzed according to three periods called the early(15~16C), mid(17~18C) and late(19~20C). The characteristics of the early and mid period are that they created their own ancestral building form of Ddeulzip. Those of the late period are in their strong will to make similar scale of Ddeulzip. And during the late period, although the construction of new Ddeulzip was started in the early stage, no more formation of Ddeulzip was made as it approached toward the late stage. And most important point is similar constructional space(gan) of first time. The residential Ddeulzip of Andong Kwon`s family created at the 19C can be regarded as an representative example of large space that shows a typical form of housing by noble residents at the time.
Ddeulzip;Andong area;Andong Kwon`s family;Evolutionary process;Early.Mid.Late period;
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