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A Study on Face Recognition System Using LDA and SVM
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Face Recognition System Using LDA and SVM
Lee, Jung-Jai;
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This study proposed a more stable robust recognition algorithm which detects faces reliably even in cases where there are changes in lighting and angle of view, as well it satisfies efficiency in calculation and detection performance. The algorithm proposed detects the face area alone after normalization through pre-processing and obtains a feature vector using (PCA). Also, by applying the feature vector obtained for SVM, face areas can be tested. After the testing, the feature vector is applied to LDA and using Euclidean distance in the 2nd dimension, the final analysis and matching is performed. The algorithm proposed in this study could increase the stability and accuracy of recognition rates and as a large amount of calculation was not necessary due to the use of two dimensions, real-time recognition was possible.
PCA;LDA;SVM;Face Recognition;
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