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A Way of Advanced Life Safety with State Inference in the Internet of Things
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 Title & Authors
A Way of Advanced Life Safety with State Inference in the Internet of Things
Suh, Dong-Hyok; Kim, Sung-Gil;
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There are two destinations to aware the risk of common life. Recognition of the condition of pedestrian`s own and the environmental factor awareness both are beneficial for risk awareness. It is good way of advancing the crime prevention effectivity that including IoT technology at the crime prevention research. The purpose of this research is that advanced way of crime prevention with multi-sensor data fusion of the condition of pedestrian and environmental factors. The 3-axis acceleration sensor is available to recognize the gait and the illumination sensor also useful to infer the road state. This research suggest a novel way of assess these factors and the result is the degree of danger.
Internet of Things;Walk Identification;Risk Degree;Multi-Sensor Data Fusion;
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보행자의 위험도 산출을 위한 다중요인 융합 처리,유창근;

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