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A Study on Ultra-Wideband Patch Antenna with Modified Barrel Shape
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Ultra-Wideband Patch Antenna with Modified Barrel Shape
Kim, Sun-Hyo; Rhee, Young-Chul;
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This paper implemented an ultra-wideband(: UWB) antenna by using a modified barrel-shaped patch antenna. The designed UWB patch antenna was optimized to match UWB technical specifications by considering the sizes of barrel circle and oval(notch) which is distance between the patch and contact surface and designed antenna was implemented by size. Optimal values on the basis of simulated reflective loss results, the surface current distribution of designed patch antenna was analyzed in order to check operation mode of antenna and wideband mechanism. Experimental results of implemented UWB antenna, Return loss of UWB antenna the voltage standing wave ratio was 2 or less in the 1.775-13.075 GHz band, VSWR in 2 or less. And the maximum gain of approx. 1-3 dBi was found in 3.1-10.6 GHz. This result satisfied the characteristics of ultra-wideband and the proposed antenna will be applicable to an ultra-wideband system.
UWB;Patch Antenna Radiation pattern;Return loss;Current distribution;
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