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Effect of spectral drift to coherent optical fiber sensor
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 Title & Authors
Effect of spectral drift to coherent optical fiber sensor
Choi, Kyoo-Nam;
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Effect of spectral drift in coherent fiber laser was investigated by injecting optical feedback to Fabry-Perot resonance loop. Er+3 doped fiber laser having unilateral optical feedback loop in Fabry-Perot configuration using two FBGs was fabricated. The optical feedback was found to be effective in linewidth reduction of fiber laser compared to the case without any optical feedback. The linewidth of three fiber lasers using above configuration were measured to be within 3kHz which is resolution-limited performance of self-heterodyne linewidth measurement set-up. The frequency drift measurement using Mach-Zehnder measurement set-up having 200m optical delay-line in one arm showed that the frequency drift rate of optical feedback fiber laser was measured as 300kHz/sec which was better than the case without optical feedback.
Optical Fiber Sensor;Coherent Sensor;Spectral Drift;
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