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Train Speed Control in Slope Area Using Infrared System
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Train Speed Control in Slope Area Using Infrared System
Sugiana, Ahmad; Sanyoto, Mulyo; Parwito, Parwito; Agrianto, Yanardian; Lee, Key Seo; Choy, Ick;
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Train speed control is a vital part of train protection to build safe movement at an operation track. There is a special condition of track that needs more attention to protect the train, for example in slope area. Moreover, in developing country with vandalism problem, it requires to install minimalized equipment on the trackside. In addition, in tropical country, on tracksides it will be potentially pooling water that influences to the performance of trackside equipment. To address these problems, we propose the train speed control for slope area using infrared system. By installing on the pole configuration, the system offers a less challenging, economically sensible, minimalized installation of equipment on the trackside and reliability for heavy rain environment. This paper concentrates on the controlling train speed and measurement performance evaluation in slope area. The proposed train speed control system can monitor and control the speed in sloping area with maximum 3.6% and controlled speed about 20 km per h.
Train Speed Control System;Slope Are;Infrared System;Trackside To Train Communication;
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적외선 시스템을 이용한 지상차상통신,아흐마드 수기아나;물요 사뇨토;이기서;최익;

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