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Image Retrieval System of semantic Inference using Objects in Images
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 Title & Authors
Image Retrieval System of semantic Inference using Objects in Images
Kim, Ji-Won; Kim, Chul-Won;
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With the increase of multimedia information such as image, researches on extracting high-level semantic information from low-level visual information has been realized, and in order to automatically generate this kind of information. Various technologies have been developed. Generally, image retrieval is widely preceded by comparing colors and shapes among images. In some cases, images with similar color, shape and even meaning are hard to retrieve. In this article, in order to retrieve the object in an image, technical value of middle level is converted into meaning value of middle level. Furthermore, to enhance accuracy of segmentation, K-means algorithm is engaged to compute k values for various images. Thus, object retrieval can be achieved by segmented low-level feature and relationship of meaning is derived from ontology. The method mentioned in this paper is supposed to be an effective approach to retrieve images as required by users.
Segmentation;Low-level Feature;Ontology;Semantic Inference;
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